When Going Back to Dancing?

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year…the beginning of contest season! Everybody is really excited to be back in the studio learning training and new choreography for the New Year.

The main thing is to not overwhelm yourself with too many hours that are strict. Make a program, listen to your body, (because no one knows it better than you) and plan it out so. Yourself burns out in the beginning of the year. We wish to be able to get energy to do our best at nationals!

One thing I like to begin my dancing season with, are several powerful ballet courses to get my body back fit. Ballet is your heart basis, so when you’re a brand new year starting, it’s consistently great to return to the basic principles and remind your body of the proper technique you work so hard for. Every other fashion will feel as a wind in case your ballet technique/skill is powerful!

Occasionally when we start back up into course, we drive ourselves additional tough in the beginning because we’re only excited…this can result in a potential harm. Constantly make sure you warm up and cool down each single time you dance to help prevent this! Even if this means you leave simply a little after and arrive to the studio several minutes before. We would like to get healthy bodies to continue us.

Use all these matters and I can’t wait to get back in the studio. I am hoping you do the same. And have FUN doing it!


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