Why Dance Could Improve Your Brain Activity?


Brain function enhances on a number of degrees. Two recent studies demonstrate how various sorts of practice enable dancers to attain peak performance by combining cognitive and cerebral thought processes with ‘proprioception’ and muscle memory held in the cerebellum. Through routine aerobic training that includes some form of dancing at least one time a week everyone can optimize her or his brain function.

When was the most recent time? I make a habit of going to my local dance club at least one time weekly. I’ve been dancing in the exact same place in front of a tremendous loudspeaker for a long time. Some of my buddies make fun of me for behaving in the manner of a fool on the dance floor and ‘chasing butterflies’. I don’t care. I am aware that attempting to whirl like Michael Jackson and spontaneously dancing is not bad for my brain.



2 thoughts on “Why Dance Could Improve Your Brain Activity?

  1. Hi, i am doing a paper on preperation for pointe, and things like that and i was wondering, so are you saying that it is not ok to wear flip flops, or just if your still growing, or what? thanks! 🙂


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