21st Century Hip Hop

Nowadays, hip hop is a dance form that is also practiced on stage. While the roots of hip hop were informal and group-based instead of audience-based, the art form has become so popular that an audience culture in formal performance venues developed during the 1990s. Popular hip hop dancers can rock a club scene, but they can also mesmerize an audience of dance experts or wow national television audiences. Choreographer Wade Robson created his television show, The Wade Robson Project, to select upcoming hip hop dance talent, while dance crews like Diversity and iCONic Boyz were busy impressing television audiences with their moves and styles.

Since the advent of music television, hip hop has become an important influence in performance dancing for music videos. Walking a fine line between street dance and hip hop, much of what the stars use in their videos, and now onstage as well, was influenced by the hip hop art form.


Popular Hip Hop

Perhaps fittingly, given its humble beginnings as a street dance, hip hop has become increasingly popular in the past two decades. Thanks to irresistible rhythms and eye-catching steps that break many of the conventions of classical dance, hip hop has caught the attention of the modern public. Hip hop started on the streets in some of the United States’ ghettos, and has made its way to illustrious performance venues across the globe. In a short period of time, hip hop has carved a substantial chunk of dance culture out for itself, and dance lovers celebrate the innovative nature of hip hop choreography and style.

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